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Doorstep sandwiches

Recipes from the team


You’ll need:

  • Small joint of pork shoulder  (skin off)
  • Your favourite BBQ sauce
  • Sliced jalapeños (amount depends on how hot you like it)
  • Sliced Swiss cheese or your favourite
  • Bloomer bread cut into thick doorsteps (Sainsbury’s do a really nice Pugalese bread!)
  • Butter for basting


1. Smother your pork joint in the BBQ sauce until completely covered and place in the fridge for 24 hours.

Next day:

2. Heat oven to 150 degrees.

3. Remove pork from the fridge and place into a suitable casserole dish and pour in water to cover at least half way up the pork, cover with tin foil.

4. Place in the middle of the oven and cook for 3-5 hours or until falling apart, make sure you baste the joint with the stock every hour.

5. When the pork is cooked, remove from the oven and cool slightly, pouring away most of the juice, but keep a small amount (half a paint) in reserve, to add later on.

6. Pull apart the pork with tongs into small pieces adding reserved juices to keep it moist.

7. Butter your doorsteps both sides and chargrill till crispy (this can be done in a dry frying pan) place onto a flat grill tray.

8. Spoon your pork over your bread till all covered

9. Sprinkle over jalapeños – as many as you dare !

10. Cover with sliced cheese and place under the hot grill until nice and toasty.

11. Serve with your favourite salad



You’ll need:

  • Grain mustard mayo (1 tsp grain mustard, to 2 tbsp of mayo)
  • Your choice of steak, 220g
  • Handful of rocket
  • Half a sliced red onion
  • Doorstep of bread
  • Butter for cooking and basting bread


1. Cut steak into thin strips and fry in a little butter with onion how you like your steak.

2. Add rocket and cook until wilted.

3. Season with salt and pepper.

4. Baste your bread with butter and chargrill on both sides until crispy.

5. Smear your bread with mustard mayo.

6. Spoon over the hot steak mix, you can squeeze over more mayo here if you like!

7. Serve with your favourite salad



You’ll need:

  • Goat’s cheese, roughly 120g
  • Cooked roasted vegetables (aubergine, pepper, onion, courgette)
  • Your favourite pesto (We serve ours with beet pesto which is just cooked beetroot whizzed into pesto).
  • Doorstep bread
  • Butter for basting


1. Reheat vegetables in the oven until hot.

2. Baste your bread with butter and chargrill on both sides.

3. Spoon over the roast vegetables to cover all the bread.

4. Crush and sprinkle over goats cheese, as little or as much as you like.

5. Place onto a tray and grill until nice and toasty.

6. Serve with your favourite salad and drizzle with pesto.

Recipe by Collection Head Chef, David Palmer – “It’s all about keeping your lunches exciting and enjoying some new flavours, these are some of my favourites and we love to serve them with home-fried tortilla crisps, salad and slaw!”

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