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Face masks & coverings

Following the latest announcement from government, you will now have to wear a face covering in our pub and restaurant, but not when eating or drinking. To help, here are key examples of when you’ll need to wear a face covering:

Upon arrival, while we take a contactless infrared temperature check, and when being shown to your table

When making your way from your table to one of our washrooms

When you’re ready to leave, and making your way from your table to an exit door

~ There are some circumstances where you or other guests may not be required to wear a face covering. If you think you may be exempt, please check the government’s guidelines here.

~ Please be mindful that some guests may be less able to wear face coverings, and that the reasons for this may not always be visible.

~ Bespoke face coverings have been provided for every member of our team to wear. You’ll now find all those that can, will be wearing a covering at all times.